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Who we are is simply American tax payers fed up with the censorship by social media and search engines eliminating access to websites, pages and people we like to follow through their leftist portals.

Our goal is simply to provide a list of direct connections to all good right leaning websites and resouces - particularly those that are being heavily censored by these anti-free speech dictators. Any website or app that claims a right wing stance will be vetted and added to our "What's Right" list on a first come, first served basis as resources allow. 

Once listed on this site, users will rate the linked websites for quality of content (Poor 1 to Excellent 10) and on a Right/Left Spectrum (R5,R4,R3,R2,R1,0,L1,L2,L3,L4,L5) and the consensus of input will determine what floats to the top, and on which page the website remains listed.
Websites that are proveably banning or evidently shadow banning sites will be listed in the 'Whats Wrong" section of the "Whats Left" page with a link to the aggrieved sites story of what has happened to them. 
While we do not create commentary, we will encourage comments and reader inputs as well as the rating of listed sites. No source will intentionally be given preferential priority based on our opinion, we will circulate top ranked sites as spotlights, as well as other sites that we observe as we see potential.
All of our visitors are appreciated, however comments for both sites and stories will be added as funding and resources are put in place to complete the programming necessary to add these features.
This site is funded by minimal advertising and donations by supporters.
Thank you for your interest in Right Crew.
    About us

    RIGHT crew is about those who respect what is RIGHT!

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